MASTER KIT, Underfloor Heating Film for under Laminate & Wood

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Model Number: HF-KIT-FM-M
Brand name: HEATING FLOOR your warm comfort®


"HEATING FLOOR your warm comfort®"

Heating floor infrared Film kits are easy to install and easy to use heating decision. You can use them for primary heat source or for additional comfort of the warm floor. They are installed under wood, laminate or carpet and provide even temperature in the big spaces including green houses and vets.

The infrared film comes in 150W/sqm or 220W/sqm. and has different width of 0.5m, 0.8m and 1m. The length can be cut on each 0.25m

To keep it very simple we suggest our Master kits which are specially designed for your needs.

Just email us at a rough dimensional draft of your room with wall to wall sizes. Mark the places and sizes of your furniture that lies directly on the floor. (The heating film should not lay under it to avoid overheating)

We’ll suggest you the best installation plan and after you confirm it – we’ll cut the film on sizes and install the terminals that require special tool.


  • Heating film, 150-220W/sqm, 220V, ENERPIA DAEWOO, Korea, size you set with installed and insulated compressor terminals and a single stranded conductor 1.5 sqmm
  • Mounting, adgesive tape
  • PE film
  • Heat-reflecting insulation 5 mm thick - order
  • Thermostat - order
  • WAGO therminals
  • Mounting box
  • Easy step-by-step installation guide with photos and schemes + Warranty Card - On this link you can download the instructions Instalation heating film


Thermostat HY607WiFi, 16A

Products certified CE, look here

We sell all sizes of underfloor heating film kits!

ENERPIA DAEWOO Film Heater using the high efficient radiant heat. BENEFITS OF ENERPIA HEATING FILM:

  1. Energy can be saved more than 65%. (On regular basis)
  2. Emission of healthy infrared heat (far infrared radiation (90.3%) and anions (250cc) are emitted to improve health)
  3. Don’t worry about smoke, noise, fueling, freezing.
  4. Does not dry the air
  5. Do not burn oxygen
  6. Does not cause allergies
  7. Convenient control such as sectional heating, central heating and sectional control
  8. Does not need space for boiler
  9. Installation without taking off the existing floor
  10. One day installation and immediately usable
  11. Installation without the use of cement screed
  12. Free to choose of finishing materials

To get more detailed information, please write to e-mail

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