Warranty card


for Heating Floor heating systems

produced by ENERPIA Co. Ltd. (DAEWOO), South Korea

(heating cable/heating film/heating X-L Pipe)

This document enables you to use a 10 year warranty on our products.

Correct completion of this document ensures full and free removal of all defects and/or damages covered by this warranty.

We are obliged to replace each item and/or segment of our heating system, which has shown a defect and/or does not function according to the specifications that relate to it within and under the warranty conditions.

In order for our warranty to be valid on a product you have purchased, it has to be mounted and/or installed by a person who has necessary knowledge and skills.

We note, that our products are extremely easy to install.

The person who has committed the installation/mounting of our products must indicate his/her data in the warranty card, thus certifying the warranty itself.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

Please note that improper installation and/or mounting of the product may result in the loss of warranty.


The customer is obliged to complete accurately and clearly mandatory test data of the product after mounting, carefully following the rules described in the installation instructions.

Removal of damage caused due to improper transportation, storage, use of the product and/or improper laying of the flooring upon the installation or inappropriate preparation of the surface upon which the product is to be installed, which resulted in physical damage and respectively in product failure, shall be performed at the expense of the customer.

In case of replacement of the product and/or product part, warranty shall be extended to the time necessary for repair of damage.

This is a manufacturer’s warranty!

Cases when unforeseen circumstances and/or force majeure lead to product failure will not be considered as warranty events.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by war, unrest or acts of military nature, riots, civil unrest and of that ilk; terrorist act; earthquake or atomic and nuclear explosions, radioactive products and contamination, radiation (ionizing) emission; intentional or unintentional criminal actions.

In case of a manufacturing defect of the product, the customer does not pay transportation costs.

In all other cases, transportation costs are borne by the customer.

Without duly completed test data, warranty shall be declared void.