Infrared Heating Film

electrical heating film
infrared heating film


▶ Benefits of underfloor heating film:
  1. More than 65% of energy is saved (on a regular basis)
  2. Emission of healthy infrared heat (Far infrared radiation (90.3%) and anions (250cc) are emitted to improve health)
  3. Don’t worry about smoke, noise, fueling, freezing.
  4. Does not dry the air
  5. Does not burn oxygen
  6. Does not cause allergies
  7. Convenient control such as sectional heating, central heating and sectional control
  8. Does not need space for boiler
  9. Installation without taking off the existing floor
  10. One day installation
  11. Installation without the use of cement screed
  12. Free to choose the type of finishing material


▶ Technology
ENERPIA DAEWOO Heating Film is produced by accurate (under 1 micron) printing technology by coating carbon on PET film to radiate heat. The film is so strong that you can not cut it without scissors because the material was heat-treated over 150℃.


▶ Structure:
  • Steady temperature range and resistance variation
  • Coating high density carbon particle
  • Cutting edge doping technology for uniformly printed surface
  • Continuous development of special equipment for heating film
  • World class film with the character of insulation and anti-flame
  • Preventing sparking on carbon surface by specialized design
  • Special waterproof treatment
  • Laminated insulation film
ENERPIA DAEWOO Film Heater produces high-efficient radiant heat It is an innovative heating system that is made with gravure printing of heat generating carbon tissue on PET Film and copper busbar. Since it emits far infrared rays and anions, warm radiant heat can be good for your health. This film is ideal for sectional space that needs to be heated because it requires a short period of time to make heat so suitable for customer, accommodation, office, church, restaurant, stairs etc. For stable use, we recommend you to use the hardwood as the finishing material.



MASTER KIT infrared heating film by Heatig floor your warm comfort


  ▶ Main features of ENERPIA DAEWOO electric heating film:
  1. Burning resist PET application: The ivory PET Film is used the XB-65 with VTH-2 chip in for heat defying insulation which has the UL Certificate and is manufactured by Doraysaeghan.
  2. Gravure printing : As screen printing cannot print carbon tissue evenly, it is inappropriate for the heat generating plate. It can be partially overheated to cause fire and short circuit. We, however, have chosen the gravure rotary printing press to pursue to the safety by giving electric resistance evenly to the Heat Generating Plate.
  3. Wide silver space : The silver space is for the space between carbon and copper busbar where the electrical energy is converted to thermal energy. This space prevent spark, and is important part related to product life and safety. We broadened this space for safety.
  4. Copper busbar with 12mm of width and 10amp : Wide copper busbar to restrain overheating. The thinner PET has superior adhesive strength and keeps air cut.