Electric hot water heating system X-L PIPE professional

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Hot Water Pipe Electrical Energy X-L PIPE by ENERPIA – heatingfloor.eu

Underfloor electric hot water heating system of a new generation has recently appeared on the world market.

This is an energy-saving warm floor X-L PIPE professional. It is manufactured in South Korea. And today most of public establishments in South Korea use this energy-saving electric hot water heating system X-L PIPE professional made by ENERPIA (DAEWOO ENERTEC) company.

Electric hot water X-L PIPE professional heating system is a modern system of heating, which uses hermetic plastic tubes, which have an electric heating wire therein. This heating wire is made of nickel and chrome alloy. Tubes are filled with special liquid. As heating wire is getting warmer, under the pressure, this liquid starts boiling much faster, than a liquid in regular conditions. This process is accompanied with the process of balls boiling inside of the liquid. Therefore, this process increases energy efficiency and you can save energy by using this energy saving product.

It is an innovative high energy efficient floor heating system that has no heat loss and achieves 30℃ rise effect in temperature.

▶ Benefits of electric hot water heating system X-L PIPE professional:
  1. Economy 
  • Almost all the energy is used to warm the space. No heat loss.
  • Due to the accumulation of heat in the tube liquid, temperature in the room preserves for a long period of time.
  • Less energy is consumed and expenses for electricity get 30% lower in comparison with cable heating floor.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • No need to install boiler and circulating pump.
  1. Easy to install and maintain
  • X-L PIPE professional floor is easy to install.
  • Can be used under any type of floor cover.
  • Regulation is performed with thermostat. You can set desired temperature.
  • Heats fast.
  • Can be connected to the “smart house” system.
  1. Safety
  • No electromagnetic wave is generated.
  • 100% safe for health.
  • No harmful elements. Floors are eco-friendly, they do not harm to the environment.
  1. Durability
  • Technology of absorption of gauge pressure prevents the tubes from failure.
  • Pipes’ structure enables impact, cracking and frost-resistance. They stand frost up to -20℃
  1. Selfreliance
  • Electric hot water X-L PIPE professional heating system can be installed as a main heat source in private houses, cottages or flats.
  • Can be installed under tile and in humid rooms.
  • Floor finishing holds warm for a long time.
▶ Features of electric hot water heating system X-L PIPE professional:
Hot Water Pipe Electrical Energy - heatingfloor.eu
Hot Water Pipe Electrical Energy – ENERPIA
  1. Pressure absorbing device:It absorbs internal pressure caused by nucleate b
  2. Double Coated Electric Wires:Since the conductor and the electric wire processing affect on product  life and its function, make sure to read the following:
    • Conductor: 7 strained nickel;
    • Chrome coil;
    • The first coating: silicon rubber coating that can stand very high temperature (280℃) and has excellent       insulating qualities;
    • The second coating: heat resistant Teflon rubber coating that is water resistant and chemical resistant.
  1. Heat conducing medium:it should not freeze at a temperature of -20℃.
  2. Harmless for health:electromagnetic waves are absorbed by itself.
  3. Cable:should not exceed 20W/m. (According to clause 5, article 225 of Electric Installation Regulations: “The temperature of Electric wires should not exceed 80℃” and/or “Internal Temperature of X-L should not exceed 80℃”).

Use this table to choose X-L PIPE heating system you need:

XL pipe

Model W Pipe length, m Weight, kg Coverage (sqm), capacity 100W/sqm Coverage (sqm), capacity 160W/sqm
DW-010 560 14 5 6 4
DW-015 840 21 7 8 5
DW-020 1120 28 8 11 7
DW-025 1400 35 11 14 9
DW-030 1680 42 14 17 11
DW-035 1960 49 16 20 13
DW-040 2240 56 18 22 14
DW-045 2520 63 21 25 16
DW-050 2800 70 23 28 18
DW-055 3080 77 26 31 19
DW-060 3360 84 28 34 21