Heating system

Underfloor heating systems from Korea Electric underfloor heating systems ENERPIA (DAEWOO) is an economical solution for electric heating of your home, giving you natural and comfortable heat together with low power consumption. All systems are characterized as considerably easy to maintain. Electric underfloor heating systems we offer are silent and do not carry germs, as other heating systems do. They do not emit harmful radiation and gases as heating systems with fuel. And the most important – your children with warm legs – step and play on a comfortly heated floor! We are pleased to offer the following electrical heating systems:  


Infrared heating film Ideal for dry rooms, sectional areas that need to be heated for some time, as it requires only a short period of warming and is suitable for:

    • bedrooms
    • rooms
    • hotels
    • offices
    • churches
    • restaurants
    • staircases

Infrared heating foil radiates infrared rays and negative ions extremely good for health and the feeling is a natural heat that radiates the same sun. Easy and simple installation, within any average man’s compass. Sold in a kit or separately. However, for larger rooms we recommend installation to be performed by professionals.


Electrical hot water heating system X-L PIPE It is a new ENERPIA’s development:

    • which consumes 30-40% less energy than cable heating systems. Applicable for the same spaces as non-magnetic heating cable.
    • Ideal as a main heating system.

Non-magnetic heating cable It is used as a primary or supplementary heating of various premises including those with high humidity.

    • kitchens
    • rooms
    • bathrooms
    • balcony
    • corridors
    • cornices of buildings to prevent the formation of icicles
    • inclined entrances to stores, accesses to garages and roads defrost

Perfectly installed under laminate, linoleum, marble, stone, tile Accessories:  Thermostats, insulation, special pliers, tape, tape based on bitumen, terminals, etc.